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Network and learn through workshops

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More than $3000 in prizes



Hack for City

How can we use technology to address typical problems in big cities both local and global? Modern cities face problems related to traffic congestion, public transportation, increasing crime, assimilating immigrant populations, multi-lingual and multi-cultural issues, homelessness, drug and alcohol abuse, trash and cleanliness, emergency response during fires and other natural disasters to name a few.

Hack for Environment

Human activities can have a significant adverse effect on our environment and the planet. How can we address issues like climate change, pollution, drinking water quality, minimize water and energy use, cleaning up of waterways, and recycling that are related to the environment. Can technology encourage people to do the right thing and be good stewards of the environment.

Hack for Health

Disabilities and Diseases can have a big impact on the quality of life. How can technology help improve our mental and physical health as well as improve the quality of life for those with disabilities? What tools can encourage proper diet and exercise? How can we help people with drug and other addictions.

Prizes will be awarded to the best three Civic Hacks

  • The Best Hack - I
  • The Best Hack - II
  • The Best Hack - III

We also have special prizes for using a specific software tool.

Special Prize

  • Internet Donkey Jungle in the humble Best Pitch award
  • The Best Civic Project on .tech site
  • The Best Civic Project using Unity3d
  • The Best Civic project using Hasura GraphQL Engine
Hackathon prizes and judging criteria can be found here.


Why TeenHacks?

TeenHacks is a charity high school civic hackathon that will gather the innovators of tomorrow and make their ideas for a better community a reality. For 12 hours, learn about new technology, talk to industry professionals, meet up with friends, and make new ones. Participate in workshops, learn from speeches, and work with mentors from companies.The event is completely free! TeenHacks is a high school hackathon in the Bay Area for students by students says the teen founder Zachary Thomas Abraham who is passionate about Teens in Technology. We will have free food, swag, goodies, and more! Our goal is to support diversity, innovation, and technology among high school students. To Hack for Good we have partnered with shooting stars foundation, a non-profit 501( c) (3) organization so additional funds raised can be donated for education for college students internationally. Shooting Stars foundation mobilizes school students across U.S to enable college education around the globe!(Read More)

Teen students are welcome

Students ages 12-18 can come, regardless of experience and there's no entry fee.

What to expect?

It's a 12 hour hackathon where you'll meet mentors from different companies, participate in workshops and learn something new. We'll be providing food and snacks to keep you motivated during the 12-hour hackathon. If you are passionate about helping your community and leverage technology to improve the way our community, society, and government function come join us! Your work will unite different walks of society and enable users to take civic responsibility into their hands. For example, tackle issues like preventing california wild fires or school shooting, voter turnout or develop tools to aid grassroots campaigns. Join your fellow teen designers, coders, students and more! This Hackathon is focused on civic tech and making community services better. We hack/build and learn together during this one day Hackathon.

  • Contribute to the betterment of your community. Some ideas here
  • Build your portfolio of work or work on someone else's cool project
  • Meet new people


Teen Hacker SoldOut

Attendees who plan to form teams and hack.


Attendees who are older than 18 who can help guide projects.


Attendees who would like to facilitate hackathon as part of TeenHacks.


Attendees who are older than 18 with no affiliation to attendees and who have some experience working in technology or judging projects. Technology leaders are preferred.


Attendees from sponsor companies or technology leaders who can inspire teen hackers on civic innovation or latest treands in technology.


A hackathon is a 12-hour programming marathon where your ideas come to life. Over the course of the weekend, students from all backgrounds and all skill levels collaborate in teams of up to four to something awesome. All participants must abide by the Code of Conduct.

No worries! This is the perfect time to learn how to code and all students, regardless of skill level and experience, are welcome. There will be plenty of mentors on hand glad to answer any and all questions and workshops specifically designed for those with no prior experience. Stay tuned for information about workshops!

We accept students 12-18. We expect some familiarity with coding in grades 7th and 8th ie if you plan to code. College students are welcome to help out as mentors!

No worries! It is not uncommon for people to come into the hackathon without an already-formed group, but we'll make sure you're matched with the right people! We will have a team formation and ideation session the first night so everyone can find the perfect team and come up with awesome ideas, so don't you worry first-time hackers!

Teams can be up to four people. While you may work as an individual, we highly encourage collaborating with others. If you don't have a team or need help finding one, make sure not to miss our team formation and ideation session on Saturday.

Just bring your id,laptop,charger,ideas and we will provide you with the food, WiFi, workspace, and swag!

The event is from 9am to 9pm on September 8,2018. The day-of schedule is posted below!

Email us at TeenHacks if you have any additional questions. We are always happy to help!

Email us at TeenHacks, we always are looking for sponsors!


Hackathon code of conduct can be found here. Hackathon participation terms and agreement can be found here. Hackathon prizes and judging criteria can be found here.

Code of Conduct

Hackathon Code of conduct can be found here.


Prizes will be awarded to Best Hack for the theme

  • The Best Hack for the city
  • The Best Hack for the environment
  • The Best Hack for the Health

We also have special prizes for using a specific software tool.

Special Prize

  • Internet Donkey Jungle in the humble Best Pitch award
  • The Best Civic Project on .tech site
  • The Best Civic Project using Unity3d
  • The best Civic project using Hasura GraphQL Engine<


Saturday - September 8th

Time Event
9:00 AM Attendee Check-In
9:15 AM Opening Ceremony
10:00 AM

Brainstorming Ideas; Hacking Begins!

10:00 AM

Workshop Begins!

Workshop - Brainstorming project ideas 10:00 - 11:00 pm

Workshop - Python and Machine learning - 11:00 - 12:30 am

12:00 AM Lunch
2:00 PM Workshop - technology-based entrepreneurship.
7:00 PM Hacking Ends & Submissions due!
7:o0 PM Judging & Presentations
8:30 PM Awards & Closing Ceremony
9:00 PM End of Hackathon

*Subject to change.

TeenHacks Team

Zachary Abraham

Founder & Executive Director

Zion Abraham

Operations Director

Zayne Abraham

Outreach Director

Adam Oushreovich

Outreach Team

James Moy

Operations team

Pranav Zalpuri

Communications Team

Speakers & Judges

Namrata Mujumdar

Founder & CEO, Amp Politics

David Hidalgo

Office of Technology and Innovation, San Jose

Danny Lobo

VP of Engineering, NetScout Systems

Gordon Beith

Director Product Management,Netscout Systems,Inc

Michelle Sun

Founder & CEO at First Code Academy

Dimple Joseph

Engineering Manager, PlayStation

Naveen Kulandaivelu


Manoj Abraham

CTO, InternetDonkey,Inc


TeenHack Sponsors

Thank you to all of our sponsors! Without your help, TeenHacks wouldn't be possible.

Welcome to TeenHacks


Contact us

Email: teenhacks@gmail.com
Web: www.internetdonkey.com

Location: 178 E Tasman Dr, San Jose
CA 95134, USA

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